Pesticides – fertilisers – supplies trading


The Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Korinthia used to maintain a trading shop in the old facilities in the city of Corinth.

Today, in our new facilities in Spanos area, we have created a modern shop of plant protection products, which has a well-educated and trained scientific personnel that is always at the disposal of the producers.

Furthermore, a proper storing and fertilisers distribution area was created which offers an easy and comfortable access as well as the suitable personnel with all necessary machinery (forklift trucks) in order to load and unload the products.

In a properly designed area, the Korinthian producers can find all necessary equipment which is essential in order for them to cultivate their products.

Pesticides, fertilisers and supplies are also distributed via our facilities in Chiliomodi and Agios Vassilios.


Quality Systems


The integrated management of the agricultural production involves the balanced care between the environment and the quality of the products. By “environment” we do not only mean “nature”. For the producers it is the working environment and for the consumers it is the foodstuff that must be absolutely safe.

Moreover, the quality of the agricultural products must be supported –if possible– by a reliable labelling which will refer to the integrated management as part of the production system, so that the identity of the agricultural products improves their competitiveness.

Acting within this framework, the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Korinthia has been organizing Groups of Producers, aiming to lead them to the Certification based on the national standards AGRO 2.1 & 2.2 set by AGROCEPT and the GLOBALGAP (EUREPGAP) protocol.

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Feed Trading


In Spano’s area, the Union maintains facilities of feed trading (provender). There, one can find a well-educated and trained scientific personnel that is always at the disposal of the producers. The personnel chooses and distributes quality products which are checked and certified in order to maintain a high level of standards in the sector of animal breeding.


An important project that the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Korinthia is carrying into effect, in cooperation with GAIA EPICHEIREIN (which is the central coordinator in Greece), is the management of the community funds that are given to the producers who are engaged in agricultural activities within the administrative limits of Korinthia.

Consequently, every year the Union is in charge to contact all its members and also a number of cooperating producers, to inform them about changes and new adjustments, to help them complete their applications in order to receive subsidies, to computerise the applications and to make sure that the money is paid in the right way and on time.

Team of Producers


The Union was recognized as a Producers’ Organization within the framework of Reg (EU) 2200/96 and Presidential Decree 36/86, under the decision of the Secondary Commission for the Recognition of Groups of Producers in the Periphery of Peloponnese, in the category of fruit and vegetables.

According to the official data of year 2005, it has 1,433 members while the total cultivated area reaches 2,389 acres.

The object of trade is exclusively apricots and citrus fruit, the main part of which is channelled to the processing industry. The goal is to create an organization of producers which will function according to the EU regulations, the decisions of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and the Domestic Law.


The aim of the Group of Producers is:


to better organize the primary production.
to improve the quality of the products that are produced by its members.
to reduce the production cost .
to create the necessary conditions to apply the EU regulations.
to protect the environment.


Capacity, Aims and Perspectives


The U.A.C.K. Producers Organization gathers the products of the producers-members so that it distributes large quantities of apricot and smaller quantities of lemons, oranges and sultana. The distribution of the Producers’ Organization products takes place in the Internal Market directly to the wholesalers, to the central fruit and vegetable markets in Athens, Salonica, etc. Also, large quantities are sold to the processing industries in Greece (to become stewed fruit, juice, and other). A product distribution, on a smaller scale, is also available to retailers.