A lot of reports are made worldwide concerning the Mediterranean diet and its beneficiary effect on human health. The elements that shape the Mediterranean nutrition model are the climate, the natural environment and the natural products of the ecosystem (agricultural products – animal husbandry products – fisheries).

Long-term researches have shown that the Mediterranean/Greek nutrition model concentrates ideally the most harmonious and well-balanced proportion of nutrition elements. In the Greek diet, the pure Greek products like virgin olive oil, olives, cereals, fruit, vegetables, fish, honey and wine keep a dominant position.

The olive oil, which is a product of high biological value, is the basic ring in the chain of the Greek diet. Due to its balanced composition, it protects the organism from many diseases and it helps children’s development in their early age. It also increases life expectancy while its organoleptic nature offers a pleasant taste.

That is the reason why the Greek diet was recognized, through conventions and medical forums, as the most balanced, the healthiest and most commendable diet for people.