The Union was founded in 1919 and its aim was to highlight, through the idea of cooperation, the qualitative Korinthian products. With the help of scientists, it consults and leads the 6,300 olive oil producers throughout the cultivation stages in order to produce high quality olive oil.

In 2007 it created a sophisticated standardization unit where, under very strict specifications, the olive oil from the manaki variety is concentrated. The aim is to ensure stable taste characteristics and to standardize the olive oil applying quality assurance (ISO) and food safety (HACCP) systems.

Our belief and philosophy is, through the efforts of the cooperation, to offer the consumers high quality olive oil.

The guarantee for that derives from: the respect towards the precious olive oil crop and the environment, the desire and care of the olive oil producers, the strict quality controls and the perfect organization.

Korinthian Olive Oil: the precious ingredient in your healthy Mediterranean diet.


The Union exports Extra Virgin Olive Oil under the trademarks: “CORINTHIA Land” and “Lais”, to the following countries:

The United States, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Romania, Slovakia, Netherlands, Taiwan, Mexico, Serbia, France, Israel, Russia