The remedial properties of the olive oil were known to Hippocrates, Galen, Dioskourides who were some of the greatest doctors of the ancient world and who believed in its biological value. Today’s science confirms the above and characterizes olive oil not only as the ideal food, but also as a remedy to many diseases. Its beneficial properties are due not only to its composition but also to the proportion of its ingredients. Olive oil contains oleic acid (73%-80%), vitamins A, E, D, K, phenolic compounds, sterols, phospholipids, terpene alcohols and other ingredients that add flavour, taste and strong dietary properties to the olive oil.

Nutritional Value

Assimilation – Digestive system : It protects the digestive system; it decreases the chances for ulcer creation.

Paediatrics : It helps the right development of the bones and it is also an important factor for the balance of the metabolism..

Gerontology : It is a weapon against osteoporosis, while thanks to vitamin E it slows down the deterioration of the cells that lead to natural aging.

Liver problems : It plays a significant role to the treatment of the bile diseases and it holds-up the formation of gallstones. .

Arteriosclerosis – Heart diseases : It lowers the levels of the harmful cholesterol LDL while at the same time it holds the levels of the protective cholesterol HDL stable. The continuous consummation of olive oil (Greek Diet) decreases mortality caused by cardiovascular cerebral diseases.